Since the price of dental and other health treatments is different, depending on the country, health tourism became a huge business by now.

We transfer thousands of patients to different Clinics all over the world, significantly increasing their revenue.
Our system is very simple and risk free for you. We create a brand new website with the content of your Clinic for free. We take all the information needed from your existing sites, without asking for access codes whatsoever.

We simply use a completely different coding and website structure for the content to achieve leading position in Google in the targeted country for keywords, like „dental implant” etc. As this new site gets the position, we start to transfer the incoming contact forms to the email address that you provide.

In addition, the first 50 contact forms are free as a trial period, and if you don’t like our service, you can quit without paying anything. Any Clinic can try it with no obligation, risking nothing at all. If you like the service, we go on, otherwise we don't issue any invoices and the trial was free. There is no setup price for the new website either.

In case you are satisfied and want to continue our cooperation, we keep transfering the leads (contact forms, phone calls, chat). We do not communicate with the patients at all. You get the leads in real time. At the end of each month, we send the analytics and if our numbers are correct and you agree, we issue an invoice. If your Clinic is not located in the European Union, we have to add VAT. You can terminate our cooperation anytime you like with no reason.

We have about 5 clinics enjoying our system each month. However, we can’t take unlimited number of clinics from the same location, as we would make competition for ourself. Use our expertise to get more patients!
We get you the leads cheaper than adwords. Give it a try!